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 look at revisions at bottom of page for any changes.

1.1 1960 or newer American made rear wheel drive passenger cars only. 101 inch wheel base ok. Must

be stock suspension.

1.2 No sports cars allowed (Corvettes or any fiberglass bodied cars.)

1.3 All bodies must be steel OEM panels or steel OEM Replacement panels only. Factory

aluminum hoods allowed. Sunroofs must be closed in using steel panel and welded. No "T" top cars allowed. Body must match frame.

1.4 All bodies must remain stock appearing .

1.5 All glass, chrome, exterior trim & fiberglass body parts must be removed.

1.6 All cars must be clearly marked with numbers on both sides, roof, front and rear. Side and roof numbers shall be a minimum of 18" tall and contrast car color. Front and rear numbers shall be a minimum 5" tall and contrast car color.

1.7 Minimum weight after race with driver is 3000 pounds, track scales are final. Any weight added to car must be attached by weight clamps and be painted white with car number on it. Weight must be attached by a minimum of two 1/2" bolts and weight clamps. No bolts welded to bars or frames.

1.8 Deck lids, fenders, doors, and roof halo may be gutted. Floor pans  stock ok if you do not have full floor pan you will be required to run 100lbs in front of motor plate  . Deck lids must be secured using quick release pins only (no nuts or bolts). Spoilers are allowed, maximum of 6 inches of material, side and center supports can be no taller than the spoiler and shall not exceed 18 inches in length at longest points and be triangular in shape.

1.9 1970-1982 Camaro may be used, you must use a 2"X 2" sub-frame connector under the car only to connect front and rear sub-frames. You can not under sling the rear end of the car. All rear suspension mounting points must remain in stock location.

1.10 Rear trunk floor may be removed. A firewall must be installed to close off trunk area from driver's compartment completely. You may use a minimum of .035 sheet aluminum or sheet steel.

1.11 Front firewall must remain full and may be moved back for engine set back. All holes must be closed off with a minimum of .035 sheet aluminum or sheet steel.

1.12 Plastic after market nose & tail piece ok

1.13 All bumpers must remain in stock location. Bumpers must be built to fit inside of plastic

nose and tail pieces. Bumpers may not be built using material larger than 1.75" X .095

round tubing. (Battering ram type bumpers will not be permitted.)

1.14 All cars must have a minimum 5/16" cable or chain on front and rear of car and easily

accessible for towing purposes.

1.15 You may cut a hole in the hood for air breather clearance. Hood scoops are permitted, no

air boxes or ram air devices allowed, no heat shields allowed between air breather and

engine compartment.

1.16 You may close in rear opera windows with high strength polycarbonate or aluminum only.

(No Plexiglas.)

1.17 Side skirts are permitted. Skirts must maintain five inches of ground clearance at the

lowest point and not extend above the first body line on the doors and quarter panels.

1.18 Rub rails may be used. Rub rails must be manufactured with 1" X 2" rectangular tubing

only with tapered and capped ends, and must be mounted with 2" side flat to body and use

three ½" bolts for mounting. Rub rails may only be used between front and rear wheel


1.19 All frames must remain stock and unaltered. If rear frame rails are rusted and need repaired you may cut the frame at a point no farther forward than the vertical center line of the rearend housing and replace them with 2" X 3" .095 rectangular tubing minimum.





2.1 All steering components must be stock OEM type only. No aftermarket components allowed.

All steering gear boxes must stock OEM type and mounted in stock location.

2.2 Stock OEM "A" arms ok,  tube type "A" arms allowed. "A" Arm mounting locations must  remain stock and unaltered in any way.

2.3 Front and rear shocks MAY BE HEIM END.  . All shocks must be steel bodies and shafts. No altering the shocks. No split valve shocks.

2.4 Steering shaft may be made of round tube; a quick release steering wheel is required.

Steering quickeners are allowed.

2.5 Front springs must remain in stock location. Racing springs are allowed and must be of

stock diameter and height. No weight jacking device allowed. spacers are ok.

2.6 No bearing type or adjustable bushings are allowed on front suspension parts.

2.7 All rear suspension must remain stock and in stock location. Rear control arms must be stock length from center to center of mounting points. No Adjustable or bushings or heim ends are allowed on rear suspension.

2.8 All rear upper and lower control arms must remain parallel left to right.

2.9 Rear lower control arm mounting holes can be no further down than four inches below

bottom of axle tube and be parallel left to right.

2.10 Rear upper control arm mounting holes can be no further than two inches above top of rear

end housing or gear area, and must parallel left to right.

2.11  heim end shocks ok on rear only may be relocated one per wheel. No adjustable, rebuildable, take-apart,  shocks allowed. All shocks must be steel bodies and shafts. No split valve shocks.

2.12 Rear springs must be mounted in stock OEM location and mounting only. Racing springs are allowed. Rear Coil Springs maximum 5" in diameter and minamum 13" and 16" maxumum tall and same on both sides. No weight jacking device of any kind allowed.

2.13 NO pull bars, "J" bars, fifth arms, pan hard bars or other traction devices are allowed.



3.1  Steering shaft may be made of round OR STOCK

tube, a quick release steering wheel is required. Steering quickeners are allowed.

3.2 Interior of car may be closed in with .035 sheet aluminum or sheet steel. A 12"X12"

Inspection Panel must be installed on the right side of deck and centered in right side door

window opening.

3.3 Dash may be fabricated using a minimum of .035 sheet aluminum or sheet steel and

formed to look like a dash.

3.4 Aluminum racing seats only. Seat must be bolted to roll cage only using no less than 3/8"

grade eight bolts with flat washers top and bottom of bolts with lock nuts.

3.5 Five point safety belts are mandatory. Safety belts must be bolted to roll cage with a

minimum of 3/8" grade eight bolts and lock nuts. Safety belt can be no older than 3 years


3.6 Ribbon type window nets required. Window nets must be bolted in on the bottom with a release at

the top.

3.7 Fire extinguishers are required and must be with-in the reach of driver.

3.8 A master disconnect switch is required and must be mounted behind drivers seat and

clearly marked on and off, and be easily reached from outside of car.

3.9 A minimum of a six point roll cage is required with a minimum of 3 driver's door bars and 2

passenger side door bars. The roll cage must be welded to the frame of car (Camaro's must

weld the roll cage to a 6"X6"X3/16" steel plate. Plates must be fully welded to floor pan,

Then drilled and bolted to a 6"X6"X3/16" steel plate below the floor pan.) front and rear hoops are

allowed. offset cages are ok welded to frame means like a-mods are mounted.

3.10 Roll cage must be fabricated from 1 1/2" X.095 wall tubing.

3.11 There must be a minimum of three bars in front of driver fabricated with a minimum 3/8"

steel rod.

NOTE It is highly recommended that the driver's door bars are plated with not less than 3/32" Steel plate and cover not less than 80% of the door area.



4.1 Floater type rear ends allowed, or any stock passenger car rear end is ok. 9 inch ford

allowed, no quick changes or lockers allowed.

4.2 You may lock the rear end by using a full spool, mini spool or welding spider gears. No

Light Weight ring and pinions, scalloped spools or aluminum spools.

4.3 A 2" inspection hole is required in the back of the rear end housing. If gear and spool can

not be inspected thru hole you will be required to pull the gear for inspection.

4.4 All brakes will be stock OEM type only,

4.5 All brake calipers, rotors, drums and mounts must be steel. No aluminum brake parts allowed

4.6 Rear disk brake is allowed and must be stock OEM type calipers only.

4.7 Brake rotors may not be drilled. Rotors must be finned, no solid, scalloped, or wave rotors.

4.8 Dual master cylinder ok, without adjusters.

4.9 All four brakes must work and lock-up on inspection. Brake shut-off ok or bias adjustment allowed.

4.10 Steel drive shafts only. Drive shaft must be stock OEM type and painted white with car

number clearly marked on it. A drive shaft loop is mandatory and must be fabricated from

a minimum of ¼" X 2" steel strap around the drive shaft no further back than six inches

from the back of the transmission.



5.1 The track tire shall be the AMERICAN RACER G60-15/KK704 (stamped or unstamped)or 8 inch Asphalt take-off on 8 inch wheel or 10 inch Asphalt take-off on 10 inch wheel.  1" lugs required, 1 lug per stud, properly installed and tightened.

5.2 No mismatching; one or the other.

5.3 You may groove, sipe, and grind tires.

5.4 All wheels must be 8" or 10" steel wheels. Beadlock allowed on right side only.

5.5 Wheel discs (Mud Plugs) allowed but must be bolted or welded or foam type. No ZUS fasteners.

5.6 All tires must durometer a minimum of 50.



6.1 One 12 volt battery only, securely mounted outside of driver's compartment.

6.2  voltage enhancing devices allowed

6.3 All wiring shall be neatly bundled and secured to chassis, all wires passing thru holes shall

have a Rubber grommet to prevent wires from shorting to chassis ground (rubber hose is

not a grommet).

6.4 All cars must have a master disconnect switch located behind drivers seat clearly marked

ON and OFF. This switch must be functional at all times

6.5 Stock HEI or points type distributors only. MSD's OK.

6.6 No timing retard, voltage reduction, or traction control devices of any kind allowed.



7.1 Pump gas or racing fuel only.

7.2 No nitro, alcohol, , or fuel additives of any kind allowed.

7.3 Fuel cell must be mounted in trunk area of car only using a minimum of two 1½ X 1/8"

steel straps wrapped completely around cell and mounted to chassis of the car. Fuel cell

must be in a minimum 20 gauge steel protective can. Minimum of 12 gallon maximum of

32 gallon fuel cell.

7.4 All fuel lines must be routed neatly under the car and kept above the bottom of the frame

rails at all times.

7.5 All fuel pumps shall be mechanically driven and bolt directly to engine block in stock

location. No electric, belt drive, or rear drive fuel pumps allowed.

7.6 No pressurized fuel systems allowed.

7.7 Fuel pressure gauge lines may not enter driver's compartment. You must use isolation




8.1  Any aluminum intake  or iron
8.2 500 cfm holley 2 barrel only 1-11/16 bore maximum no Exceptions
 no  4 barrels allowed.



9.1 any cast iron heads and block

9.2  After market block allowed.

9.3 dome pistons allowed

9.4  Angle plug heads Allowed 

9.5 stamp steel rockers and aluminum rocker are ok.

9.6 3/8" and 7/16  screw in rocker arm studs allowed rocker studs may be pinned, and guide plates

allowed,  stud girdles.


9.8 Steel/cast iron exhaust manifolds or headers are allowed,  marine exhaust manifolds, crossover or

180 degree headers allowed. All exhaust must exit toward rear of car. or over frame

9.9 none

9.10 Camshafts may be hydraulic or solid lift only or roller.

9.11 Harmonic balancer, after market balancers are allowed and all

balancers must be steel.

9.12 Water pump must be in stock location, aluminum water pumps allowed

9.13 Wet sump oiling systems only, oil pump must be in oil pan. No dry sump systems allowed.

9.14 Oil pan must have a 1" inspection hole above oil level in pan. We do not want oil draining

from oil pan when this plug is removed.

9.15 Transmission must be full stock OEM 3 or 4 speed or automatic only. All forward and

reverse gears along with a neutral position must work.

9.16 Flywheel must be stock OEM full size. No light weight or aluminum flywheels allowed.

9.17 Clutch pressure plate stock or mini ok must work upon inspection

9.18 Automatics must be full Stock OEM size and must be fully working. No stall converters, no

Vega converters, no fluid control valves allowed, and no Bert, Brinn, Falcon, or Tonganoxie

transmissions allowed,

9.19 All cars must run an explosion proof steel bellhousing.

9.20 Bellhousing must have a 1 -1/2" inspection hole in the bottom for clutch and converter



Remember: if it does not say you can . . . You can't!


Promoter reserves the right to change or clarify any rules to improve competition, safety or cost.


2013 Revisions:

1. Any Aluminum Intake Allowed

2.Mini Clutches Allowed

3.Brake Adjusters Allowed

4.Rear Lower Trailing Arm Mounting Bolt Must Be 4" or less From bottom of housing to center of hole

5.Tubular Front Non0Adjustable Steel A-Arms Allowed

6.The Following Heads Are Allowed: cast iron

7.Engine Setback: # 1 spark plug even with left upper ball joint

8. heim end shocks allowed ON rear and front must be inside the uper A-Arm
9. weight rule 3000 lbs
10.Aluminum sides allowed must have stock appering body lines no slab sides.
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